Tahiry Sex Tape

Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:42 PM

Let i tell u about today hot trends about Tahiry.In this first annual Hip-Hop Weekly leotard and summer fashion issue, we wanted to create our own lane. We came up with a swimsuit edition, but we realized that we were more than 200 products related to the style of the magazine. So we kinda wanted to make two separate covers the same magazine, but with two different covers. One of Amber Rose, which represents an interesting style and the other with 1, which appear in Sports Illustrated Tahiry.

Each cover has its own perspective. 1, that Tahiry, we made a Peek-A-Cover books and we kinda invented the phrase, where we show it on the beach, where rescue workers deployed then our art director pushed the door open, and then the door sticks at the back with a lid. This is pretty dope.

There is a large 3-D revolution, adopting and the idea just came to me. He just came to me. I asked our art director, if he can make 3-D, and he said that he really had to learn myself with software that allows you to make 3-D.

Dave Mays reached Peoples Amber Rose. Her brother, Antonio really cool. So Dave put out his hand and they agreed. Of course, this is the case because, people receive compensation, but thought it would be a real drug. Amber on some high-fashion type thing. She does not want to be squeezed, it tries to bring it to a new level, and I very much respect, because she knows exactly what she wants to do what she wants to do it. It was a pleasure working with her, she is very good and it is also very focused.

And with the world famous Tahiry, it also focuses on other people. Some of these girls are really focused on my career and trying to take what they're doing a whole 'nother level, and I know that they can get a bad rap, but sometimes I can tell you first hand these girls about their business.

Photo sessions held at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami, and we did it in the National because when you shoot 3-D, need to have different objects in the foreground, in front and back, to get all the prospect. The question, rather, based on the photos thing. We would like to draw attention to the beauty. I think that many magazines just really want to emphasize the body, chest, whatever. I do not think that they really focus on beauty of face and what we really wanted to withdraw. We would like to get really good quality photos in diameter. We do not want nothing to get too thin. We would like to keep his class.

Real talk, it was all overwhelming. Honestly. It's just a matter of time before Hip Hop Weekly crosses that line where you'll see Hip Hop Weekly awards. The same plan as the source. We have not lost a step, we just had to get it back together. Then dropped the first annual issue, I think more women will want to attend the next one so I think over the Internet, and magazine, I think we have a real good choice next time with even more women to choose. There were many beautiful women there, it's just a matter of who will have the that the first cover?

Benzino is known early Channel co-founder Dave Mays and having more than two decades of music in hip-hop. In 2007 Benzino and Mays started Hip Hop Weekly has become known as the first hip-hop magazine, feature-oriented weekly news and views on entertainment, TV, music, fashion and sports for consumers aged 15 to 44 years.


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